The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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The items in Shop Two are listed in 5 sequences:  


Page 1 - Music and dance

Includes folksong and dance, Cornish carols,

and books about Cornish music and musicians.


Pages 1-3 - Language and literature

Creative writing by Cornwall's novelists and poets, Cornish language and dialect - grammar, vocabulary & stories,

listed A-Z by title.


Pages 4-5 - 'Old Cornwall'

Here we offer the current volume's numbers of the twice-yearly journal of the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies.  Most earlier issues are also available. To find

out about them - or to take out a subscription - just click here to email an enquiry:  



Pages 5-6 - CDs & DVDs, listed A-Z by title.


Page 6 - Badges & serviettes.

Secondhand books

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